Our Vision &  Our mission :-

1.  To Train children to  know  GOD ,through understanding word of God  in  class room settings weekly in Sunday school, teaching bible stories and activities.

2. Prepare kids to compete in bible competitions, motivate kids to memorize the bible. Cultivate through competition a proper attitude toward winning and losing.

3. Teach kids to reflect the spirit of Christ in attitude and action. Explain  children to witness their faith in true God.share their testimony to their school friends.

4. Thorough  bible knowledge  - Talent show participation.

5. Christian fellowship among other kids, and with non Christian children.

6. Provide  sharing and caring to attitude to  unprivileged children , and be thankful to God and parents.

Projects for this year:

1. Charitable deeds , providing Christmas gifts to  orphan kids in India.

2. Help  poor kids  with food and shelter and arrange to  attend  schools in  rural areas in poor communities of India.

3. Partnering with Emmanuel Cancer Foundation-  supporting  cancer suffering kids in north Jersey area.buying  Christmas gifts ..
4. Kids for Christ will hold  Christmas CAROLS CARNIVAL IN FIRST WEEK OF December - DATE WILLBE ANNOUNCED SOON.
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"Kids for Christ is a registered non-profitable 501c(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible."