http://www.kidsforchristnj.com/SlideshowPics/Copy%20of%20DSC00621.JPGKnowing how much work is involved in the planning and preparing for Kids for Christ, rehearsals began on March 21, 2009 every Saturday from 12 PM to 5 PM at First Baptist Church of Rahway.
Greetings to you in the highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The following is a brief report of Kids for Christ 2009.
The concept of Kids for Christ was born out of a burden and passion to serve the children of our growing Telugu community. Since 2008, the Lord has spoken repeatedly and clearly through His word, through people and through visions about bringing all the children and youth in one place and conducting a children’s program in New Jersey. The elders and congregation began praying about this event specifically from January 2008 until March 2008, when the Lord allowed an opportunity for a convenient date to host a day-long program just for children. Eight hours would be dedicated for the children to prove their talents and to shine while showing their enthusiasm for Jesus. Parents and teachers who were involved in the children’s ministry for six years in New Jersey felt that the spiritual need of the children living in the country was growing with increasing educational and peer pressures. Kids for Christ was organized in the hopes of allowing a time for children to enjoy the power of Bible verses, Bible stories, songs and skits. In the first year of Kids for Christ, 93 kids came from many states and was a great success.

Leading up to KFC 2009

Knowing how much work is involved in the planning and preparing for Kids for Christ, rehearsals began on March 21, 2009 every Saturday from 12 PM to 5 PM at First Baptist Church of Rahway. We framed a syllabus for different age groups focusing on their age limits, and created a chart for Bible learning to be done in a fun and joyful way. In April, Bro. Christopher Bandari created KFC’s official website, www.kidsforchristnj.com, which enabled children and their parents to check the website for updates and download the prepared syllabus to guide their own learning for the competition.

Many teachers collaborated in teaching their Sunday school children new skits, monologues, action songs, groups songs, etc. and worked hard to train the 2-7 year old age group, which is no easy task. They deserve great commendation for their hard work.
KFC 2009 June 6th, 2009
This year we also had many newcomers from Boston. We were very excited and happy to receive them. Special thanks go out to Bro. Varun Chintha and Bro. Ernest Gulla for motivating many families and bringing eight children from Boston NEICF. They took the great trouble of driving for such a long distance and participating in Kids for Christ, and we ask them to please continue to come and partake in future competitions. Boston was not the only state that made a special appearance at Kids for Christ. Two children from Delaware, four from Pennsylvania, six from Upstate New York (RCTCF), and two from New York City (UTCF) also came and performed beautifully. More than 55 children of all different age groups came from New Jersey, making a total of 81 participants.
Each of the children were placed in one of five groups, based on age. The first group was for ages 2-4, the second group was for ages 5-7, the third group was for ages 8-10, the fourth group was for ages 11-15, and the fifth group was for teenagers and youth participants. The events for the competition were as follows:
1. Bible Verses (Random)
2. Songs (Solo songs, group songs, action songs)
3. Bible Facts (Beatitudes, 10 Commandments, Names of Jehovah, Names of the Sons of Jacob, Name of the 12 Disciples, Names of the Churches in Revelation, Colors of the Bible and their Importance, Books of the Bible, etc.)
4. Fashion Show (featuring ten important kings of the Bible)
5. Story-telling
6. Bible Characters’ Monologue
7. Skits
8. Choreographed Dance
9. Instrumental Music
10. Speeches (On faith, obedience, how to be a strong Christian, evangelism, Salvation)
11. Bible Drill
12. Group Dances
These events were made as an outline of what most children would be competing within. We tried to make a broad spectrum of things that the children could participate in, in order to give them as many options as possible. Special care was given to the groups ages 8-10 and 11-14 to sharpen their memory skills.
The afternoon portion was a peak time of competition. Many kids participated in many events and performed beautifully. It was difficult for the judges to choose winners in many of the events, since the children performed on such a high caliber. There were many winners, but the over-all winner of Kids for Christ 2009 was Sandra Kankanala and the runner-up was Daniel Benjamin. There were other commendable performances by many children, including Jasper Merigala from Delaware who learned an astounding two hundred verses and Priya from Boston who performed a Bharatnatyam classical Indian folk dance. A highlight during the awards portion was the Telugu Heritage Award, which was given in honor of Late Bro. Satyaveerappa Samraj, who served as a founding member of TCFNJ and was the founder of Zion House of Worship in New York, and Project Christ International, Inc.

Acknowledgements and Conclusion
There are many people to thank for the success of Kids for Christ 2009. First of all, we would like to thank God for His manifold blessings and for being a God worthy of our worship. We would also like to thank our dedicated coordinators, who are too numerous to mention in this report, but their reward is surely with God in heaven. We would also like to thank our local teachers, Mrs. Beulah Kumar, Dr. Mrs. Pradeepika Nayudupalli, and Mrs. Nita Villuri. We would also like to thank each and every one of the generous financial supporters for Kids for Christ. There are many people who donated and invested not only in the Kingdom of God, but also in the lives of each child, allowing them to grow in the fear and knowledge of the Lord.
By the prayers and hard work of many people, and by the Grace of God, Kids for Christ 2009 turned out to be a huge success. Both children and parents were blessed by the immense participation and the great response that was given to KFC’s invitation. We only pray for another opportunity in the coming year for Kids for Christ 2010 and look forward to see how God works in the lives of these children in the future.

In Christ,

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