KFC-2010 Report
2KINGS 3:16 And he said, Thus saith the LORD, Make this valley full of ditches.
2KINGS 3:17 For thus saith the LORD, Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, that ye may drink, both ye, and your cattle, and your beasts.

Praise the Lord! with this promise we started KFC2010 for the 3rd year ! which commenced on June 5th 2010.
We thank and praise God for his abundant blessings showered on KFC2010 magnimously. After 2008,2009 experiences we see that kfc2010 seemed a well organized planned event, God enabled us to Add 2 new items in our 2010 syllabus.

As we were preparing for 2010 in feb Bro. Jeeva Pakerla, Michigan state university masters student very cheerfully came forward to help us to create website with a new look for kids for Christ with all info ,which was a tremendous help indeed! We had all local and non local registration through website itself by our cut off date. 

Three local teachers ,Sis Nita ,Sis Beulah, and myself we prayed together for God’s mighty direction and guidance to frame the syllabus ,event wise and age wise ,keeping in view of our participants caliber we condensed the timing per participant which worked out enormously.
First and fore most we sorted age groups 2-3-4,

17- youth

Secondly–We thought of timing - 2minute rule, to every participant for all individual or group items , a very sharp thought God gave us to have a Time manager or bell ringer to maintain timing!.it was big time saver methodology in such a hectic talent show like this it worked out well for us. This crucial job was handed by Dr.Indra Burani from PA./Thank you Indira.

Thirdly- new items added in KFC2010 

• Spelling Bee.
• Debate.

Thanks to passion Play Team of Chicago who cordially shared the spelling bee lists age wise.
Debate :- This thought came to encourage the youth & teenagers to be able to talk about Jesus confidently IN Faith and hope of why we have to be a Christian –really we were surprised to see the answers given by young generation and their steady answers . Amazing response was given by Boston ,Newhampshire groups NJ groups thoroughly they showed a complete competitive spirit .

We had 150 registrations our cut of date was May31st by 11pm. And enormous response came from 7 states - KFC 2010 –MA,NH,NY,NJ,PA,CT,DE. Thanks to judges of KFC -2010 –We had judges from PA ,Bro, David Babu, Bro .joseph chikkala ,Bro.Theodore,Bro .Ramesh Medasani .Sis.Rachel sunita Sis.Philip Hepzibah, from NY, Sis.Manjula ,who did tremendous and meticulously judging each child in each event. Hats off to the time manger Sis.Dr.Indira Kuthuru who managed every individual for every event in given 2 minutes the child’s attention ,reverence to word of God, the carefulness ,confidentness in reciting the verse was judged, Really The redeeming the time in child’s face to complete his/her learnt verse recital was very thrilling.

Our local teachers ,Sis.Beulah, Sis.Nita myself guided the children to present accordingly to perform on stage with stage discipline, all children were very thoroughly prepared for the task due to the varied objective in front of us then and there we have decided to have another stage downstairs ,to accommodate children in 4 hrs of time different ages 9-12.6-8 were performing upstairs on the main stage &3-5 and youth were performing downstairs only afternoon sessions were done on the main stage .Overall we found children and parents not only participated the event but also they loved to learn the word and they have inspired seeing others to participate in so many events with this passion.

No words can express our deep sense of our gratitude to First Baptist Church members who whole heartedly supported the entire Kids for Christ ministry among us untiringly ,with their time talents and treasure! God bless you all. 

From bottom of our heart we thank our lord and savior for using us in his vineyard in such BIG way among our new generation.

We give all honor and glory to the almighty for this Kidsforchrist ministry among our children good seeds of word of GOD sown in these tender hearts which may last forever to lead Them to eternity .

Once again ‘I like to repeat “Today’s strong Sunday school will become Tomorrow’s strong church “……

Matthew 18:10"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

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