Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

On behalf of our church and families, we would like to thank KFCNJ for including us in a very successful KidsforChristNJ event, on June 4th 2011, in Bridgewater, NJ. This year’s event was a success because of all the cooperation, volunteerism, enthusiasm, and most of all, heartfelt prayers.

The passion for KFCNJ this year was outstanding especially from the parents and teachers who gave their time, effort and dedication to help the kids learn more than anyone imagined.

As parents, church members, teachers, and people of God, we are praying that our children be used, as they continue to grow with God, as vessels with their brilliant talents and be filled with the Lord in any situation in their lives so that they make righteous decisions.

KidsforChristNJ event is just a stepping- stone, of what our kids today can do with their skills and abilities in the name of the Lord. As they learn their memory verses and Bible facts, they are preparing themselves to be stand up children of God, especially in today’s world. Our kids are our future, and more specifically, our Sunday school children are the church’s future.

KFC 2011 has not only taught the children, but this event has opened the eyes of many of our parents and teachers. We now see the children in a more productive way because of their thriving potentials and motivation. We also see the passion of the parents, eagerly wanting their children to prosper in biblical knowledge. The competition can be uplifting as well as disappointing, but KFC 2011 has demonstrated to all of us that we need to continue to inspire the children so they can be stand up Christian adults in the name of our Lord.

The goals for us for KFC2012, will include more support from parents and teachers, demonstrating to the kids that the KFC is not just about the competition, and showing the kids that the knowledge and skills they’ve gained are valuable tools to be witnessing Christians in today’s competitive world.

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