1st KFC At MARYLAND Report:
PRAISE BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!! OUR FIRST KFC EVENT IN MARYLAND WAS WONDERFUL! Friends all the glory goes to God alone!! We have been praying for the past 3 years to conduct this event in Maryland, where kids from Virginia, Maryland and Delaware can participate. And GOD has heard all of our prayers. Also thanks to Priya, Pranitha, Shalom and Sonia who came forward and coordinated to make this happen! On September 27th we had to choose a new location to conduct the event due to not having availability to the kitchen and the reception hall. So Priya and Pranitha took it upon themselves with prayer and persistence to ask the Pastor of MFIUMC in Maryland if we could use the Church to host the event. And graciously the Pastor and elders of the Church accepted to host the event. 
We had 37 registered participants and 4 walk-ins. All the kids participated enthusiastically and throughout the day all the kids prayed that they would win this competition! We were able to see the competitive spirit and the sportivness in all the children. The kids were quizzing each other and encouraging each other with their best ability. 
Our Core Team Judges on the judging panel were sisters- Jemima, Indira, Paulitha and Brother Joseph Chikkala who drove all the way from Philadelphia, New York and Ellicott City. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Because without you not only would it be impossible for us to have this event and but have this event done with confidence. The judges were very impressed with how the kids were prepared' they admired the way they presented the posters, recited the verses, and Bible facts! 
Overall the event was a success. In the amount of time we had to prepare for the event, everything was well organized and you could clearly see God's hand in everything from the time we started preparing till the end of the event. On Saturday if we had more volunteers for neutral judges we would have finished a little earlier.  Brother Benjamin of Zion Church International and the Church Deacon of MFIUMC have welcomed us to use the premises next year as well. The Church Deacon of MFIUMC said that he was very impressed with the KFC vision and the theme of learning the verses and competing with a good spirit! Thanks to our LORD GOD! 
Once again we had medals, trophies, certificates, a raffle game and even sword drill games for the audience. Our MC Michael Lewis and Onynx did a great job using their skills in moving the program in a stipulated manner. Delicious food was cooked throughout the day; nice home made food served by Brother Joel, Jay A. and Sister Sonia!
My heart is so blessed to see the children growing with the word and growing under the wings of out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Let us continue to pray for these kids, we never know how many of these children will transform into young pastors, teachers and coworkers and to be focused to do the work of the Lord!!

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