Motto of the KFC is, We Believe That, Today's Sunday School, Is Tomorrow's Church With Endless Possibilties

-"In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was GOD". - John 1:1 “Kids for Christ” was created to teach kids how to promote and exhibit God given talents. It establishes a good foundation to know God’s Word with passion and prepare kids to become true children of God and love His Word.

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Teaching and Training Kids

We choose all the ways to teach and train the kids in a proper way about the Lord Jesus Christ.


Conducting Events for Kids

We have been conducting many events each year for Parents and their kids. So that we'll have continues relationship with their families.


Gathering Parents and Kids

We all in communication though all media like Email, WhatsApp and Call communication. So it is easy to gather.


Assisting Parents To Train Kids

Assisting parents to train their children is really awesome and many parents were blessed to know the facts to grow their children.


Conducting Events with Trophies

We conduct all kinds of events for Children, Parents and individual events for fathers and mothers. So that everyone will blessed with each event.


Supply Food and Gifts In Need

We arrange food and drinks when we gather every time. Gifts for winners for all the events to encourage their presence.


KFCNJ is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Kids For Christ NJ Nonprofit Corporation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your cheerful donations are tax deductible.


“Kids for Christ” was created to teach kids how to promote and exhibit God given talents. It establishes a good foundation to know God’s Word with passion and prepare kids to become true children of God and love His Word.

To Train children to  know  GOD, through understanding word of God  in  class room settings weekly in Sunday school, teaching bible stories and activities...
Prepare kids to compete in bible competitions, motivate kids to memorize the bible. Cultivate through competition a proper attitude toward winning and losing...
Teach kids to reflect the spirit of Christ in attitude and action. Explain  children to witness their faith in true God.share their testimony to their school friends...
Thorough  bible knowledge  - Talent show participation. Christian fellowship among other kids, and with non Christian children...


Register Now

Please visit the following link and fill the form with all your details then submit to access the syllabus and resources.

Download Syllabus and Resources

Kindly visit the following link to download the syllabus and resources.

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Win The Champion Trophies

Pray, Prepare and Participate then become a Champion of KFCNJ 2017

Our Training Process

These is the team behind Kids For Christ NJ to take care of these plans and process.

Registration Process


We'll create Online Registration forms to register and open the lines to book their registrations. Parents will help their Children to register with us by filling all the details as needed.

Planning & Process


We'll verify all the registrations and separate them based on their age group. Other team will work on preparing syllabus and resources for the registered Children.

Syllabus and Resources


As mentioned we'll design syllabus and resources as per their age group and send them a pre-designed plan for their preparation.

Awards and Trophies


Finally we conduct an exams and events, list our the best participates and award them with awards and Trophies.

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